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A note from Dani - Founder Saludi Glassware 

As a Latina, I grew up gathering with family and friends, toasting to life’s great moments. Whether it’s birthdays, holidays, weddings, or you name it, there was always a reason for bringing our community together and for celebrating. 

That is why I started Saludi in Denver, CO - to bring our community together and support each other with products that are way too pretty not to be used. We took a new approach and created products that inspire through colorful beauty (and make drinking more fun). Our work is showing that there’s more than the black and white of life, but a gorgeous spectrum of colorful and beautiful moments.  

Cheers l Salud l Saúde to stylish and unforgettable celebrations!  

Dani and the Saludi team 💕 


What is the meaning behind the name Saludi? 

We wanted a name that helped define the celebratory and joyfulness of our company and products. In Spanish, “salud” means: “health,” “wealth,” and “security.” Salud is used to say “Cheers!” (“To your health!”), and this encouragement is something we wanted to embody as an organization.

Your products are beautiful

Thank you! We aim to create beautiful products that will actually be used, not tucked away in some cabinet to never see the light of day. If it’s pretty enough to leave out, we think that we'll naturally find more reasons to celebrate and bring people together.By the way, we LOVE seeing pictures of how you display your glassware, so feel free to tag us @saludiglassware!

Where can I find the passed 3rd party test for lead and cadmium?

Please reach out to us directly - we'd be happy to share the passed report for lead and cadmium! It's important for companies to provide transparency and accountability for products that we bring into our homes.

Need a replacement glass?

Reach out to us directly on our contact us form or at for help