Wholesale - Set of 6 Multi-Colored Wine Glasses

Wholesale - Set of 6 Multi-Colored Wine Glasses

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Wholesale - Set of 6 Multi-Colored Wine Glasses

303 Reviews

Bringing more cheerful moments to you and those you care about most


    Enjoy your favorite wine in style with Saludi wine glasses - each glass fits a generous 16.5oz (18oz full capacity) and compared to other smaller glass sizes (12-14oz or 360-415mL), the glassware feels grand and perfect in your hand.


    Features a sharp bell-shaped bowl that enhances the aroma and taste of your wine, while the curved top allows for easy aeration and swirling.


    Make life's colorful moments even more special with 6 distinct and bold colors. BONUS: You’ll never mix up who is drinking out of each glass with the memorable colors.


    Our high-quality glassware produces a seamless wine glass for an exquisite finish that will impress any wine enthusiast.

  • The BEST Gift

    Our luxurious glassware is carefully packaged in a stylish gift box for safe shipping and is the perfect gift for any occasion, from housewarmings to weddings and beyond. Invest in a set of Saludi wine glasses and enjoy for years to come!

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